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"I have nothing but good thing to say about picandmiximages - The clear and easy to use website is fantastic - there is no chasing pr's for high res images as they are emailed quickly and directly from the site, the prices and stockist details are all included as well - wonderful when suddenly asked to compile an extra page. I have found some new and exciting brands that I had previously not heard of and they are constantly updating the site with designers from across Europe, which are emailed to us in a weekly update."
Victoria  – Telegraph Magazine 

" is a hub of inspiration and brilliance. It’s easy to use, concise and effective. I regularly visit the website to source new brands and the latest styles and receive quick responses when trying to collect brand images and information. This is a great help to us and to the brands and it saves time for both parties when collating features. If only all websites were this useful!"
Holly  - Children's Wear Buyer (Trade magazine)

"Pic and Mix has become an invaluable research tool for Maternity & Infant magazine. Whether it's inspiration for fashion features or helping to complete a page with those last few finishing images - Pic and Mix has come to the rescue on many occasions. The fact that it's easy to navigate, divided into helpful sub sections and supplies images and captions promptly makes all the difference on deadline."
Simone  - Maternity & Infant Magazine (Editor)

"I'd have to say that Pic and Mix Images is a godsend to journalists working to deadline or slaving away out of office hours when it's vital to have instant access to good info and pictures. The site is also a great way to keep up-to-date with what's new and happening in the world of baby and kids - invaluable!"
Alice  – The Daily Express

"I have been downloading images from Pic and Mix Images for a few years now and have always been delighted with the service. All editors know how important it is to be able to download good quality images - sometimes at the last minute - and we're always looking for tried and trusted sources. As well as the comprehensive selection of images and companies that Pic and Mix Images has available, Dani has always come up trumps when I've been trying to source extra images. Great customer service!"
Debbie  - Modern Mum (Editor)

"Pic and Mix is the best images retrieval system I have come across. I can search by brand or category, it really couldn't be easier."
Annie  - Angels & Urchins (Editor)

" is an invaluable tool for getting hold of high res images quickly and easily, it's my first port of call when putting together consumer and product-related features."
India – Prima Baby (Picture Editor)

"Dani is a delight to work with. A creative thinker who is pro-active and has a can-do attitude. She is really switched on and always growing with the industry. Her attention to detail is first class. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend her services."
Nichola - Mother & Baby 

"Gathering up images for features takes up quite a bit of time so Pic and Mix definitely makes my job easier. It's simple to use, quick and has a reliable selection of brand and products. Highly recommended."
Liat Hughes Joshi - Right Start Magazine

"Pic and Mix images are a great way to download images fast and without the need for emails going back and forth. A great way for us to get posts ready in no time at all!"
Christina - My Baba

"A fantastic resource, your website has saved me hours of precious time - it is just what I need, fabulous - thank you!" 
Susie - Baby Hampshire, Baby London, Baby Surrey Magazines

"Pic and Mix Images offers a wide selection of images, it's really easy to navigate the site and quick to directly download."
Lynn - Gurgle magazine

"The ease of obtaining images and the prompt personal service is why Pic and Mix Images is always my first port of call when researching my pages."
Kate  - Junior (Shopping Editor)

"Pic and Mix is a fantastic facility for time-poor journalists - I always know I'll get hi-res images along with correct product details. The website is easy to use and kept up-to-date. It's a one-stop shop that's made my life sooo much easier! (please don't tell my Editor!)." 
Karen  – Parenting journalist 

"Great package and so easy to use, with lots of great images to chose from, I would recommend all PR's use this service!"
Heather - Primary Times 

"Pic and Mix Images is a great way to source high-res images when you are on a tight deadline - it is also the perfect place to pick up inspiration for shopping features."
Tina  - Baby&Me Magazine 

"As a busy editor is a god send as you have high quality pictures available at the click of a button. There is a great variety of images and when compiling product pages, it’s the first site I think of.” 
Liz  - ni4kids (Editor)

"Pic and Mix Images is a dream for getting hold of editorial images smoothly and Dani is a pleasure to work with, she is always able to deliver."
Kat  - Bambino Goodies (Features Editor)

"Pic and Mix is a great resource for press – especially when working late in the office!"
Rebecca - Baby London & Little London Magazines

"As a freelance writer, I find Pic and Mix a vital resource for sourcing images. It's particularly useful when I'm on a tight deadline. I often work weekends so it's very useful, the site means I don't have to wait for a PR rep to get back to me on Monday."
Kate  - Freelance journalist

"Pic and Mix is so simple to use, it holds a wealth of images we can use here at StyleNest. It is particularly useful when working to tight deadlines and when we need to get content out immediately."
Astrid  - StyleNest (Features Editor)

"Pic and Mix images is a wonderful source of a wide range of maternity and baby images, the service is very easy to use, and the download links are always accompanied by all the information you need. It is an extremely useful resource."
Beth  - Irish Sunday World - Zero to Seven supplement

" has proved to be a valuable resouce for me when sourcing high quality, relevant images. The service is easy to use, the images are excellent quality, and having the images I need all in one place makes my job a lot easier!" 
Amy - The Green Parent (Assistant Editor)

"Pic and Mix images is a great site and something I use on a regular basis. As a journalist I often need high quality images on a very short deadlines, which is where Pic and Mix images comes into it's own. Being able to search for images and have them in your inbox within 5 minutes is invaluable. It is often my first port of call when looking for products and I have definitely covered the companies on the Pic and Mix more often and more regularly because they where on the site." 
Corinne – My Child Magazine

"We publish trend forecasting books and are launching a unique one focusing entirely on kids. Your website has been invaluable in finding some great producers of products to feature so thank you. No doubt I will be downloading even more in the coming months so keep up the good work!" 
Tanya - Trend Bible Kids Lifestyle

"As a regional paper, with less staff and time than bigger London publications, it's vital that we have immediate access to PR images online, saving us the hassle of having to contact individual PR companies direct. Pic and Mix is great because there are so many companies and you know you'll always find what you want. For mother and baby images I rarely use anything else." 
Rin – Western Mail

"Pic and Mix images represents one of the most useful tools utilised by the editorial staff at Pregnancy & Parenting magazine. Sourcing hi resolution images represents the single most frustrating and time-consuming element of magazine production. The ability to download high quality images, across some of the most reputable parenting brands, day or night and at a moment's notice is simply invaluable." 
Suzanne  - Pregnancy & Parenting Magazine (Editor)

"I've used Pic & Mix regularly since starting work in consumer magazines over a year ago. Faced with the task of finding images for around 50 consumer pages, it is a great place for me to start! I find the site easy to navigate and 'well-stocked' with a wide range of relevant images. I look at images on Pic & Mix regularly, at least every other day."
Eilidh - Parenting journalist 

"I’m constantly battling to get hi-res imagery and press releases on tight deadlines so Pic and Mix’s service, which allows me to quickly and efficiently source all the information I need at the click of a mouse, is like a dream! I use the site to source brands, gain inspiration for product features and for press contacts – it really is an essential tool for CWB’s editorial team." 
Laura  – Children’s Wear Buyer trade magazine (Editor)

"Just finishing off the next issue of Kidzlife magazine and thanks to, I haven't had to worry about the latest fashion ideas for the maternity, baby and children pages. It’s quite hard to find decent images of kids fashion when you are on a tight deadline and trying to put a new 52 page magazine together very quickly. Luckily Pic and Mix is on hand to send the images I need quickly and I would recommend it to anyone!"
Craig – Kidzlife Magazine (Editor)

"Pic and Mix images is a fantastic set up, every feature editors dream! We receive regular image splash emails and just the right amount – Pic and Mix do not ‘bombard’ inboxes like most companies do, (resulting in being ‘spammed as junk’), but are regular enough to be our first point of contact should we require anything! The products we receive information on by email are always completely relevant to Flying Start Magazine. Not only do we get to come across new companies and up to date product releases, it makes our image led features so much easier – everything all under one roof, and time-saving for us too!"
Amanda – Flying Start (Editor)

"I found picandmiximages to be a really useful tool. It makes researching and sourcing info for my features much easier and quicker helping to reduce my stress of trawling the net! The site is really well set out and easy to navigate and I would recommend it to anyone in the media industry needing info on family orientated features." 
Becky  - No-Ink

" is a useful tool for a busy editor on deadline. The easy-to-navigate website and emails that are sent straight to my inbox with PR and stockist details makes my job a lot easier."
Anucyia  – Parenting journalist 

"What a wonderful site, tres convenient." 
Afua  - Pride Magazine

"There are lots of Pic and Mix clients in our next issue - it made the Christmas Gift Guide an absolute doddle not having to contact PR people who don't always reply straight away. You'll see a lot of familiar names and images in our December issue!" 
Robina – Families South East Magazine (Editor)

"The ease of obtaining images and the prompt personal service is why Pic and Mix Images is always my first port of call when researching my pages."
Kate  - Junior (Shopping Editor)

"It's superb for my kids page. A fab source and so reliable that I use it every month! Easy to use, fast, and of course packed with gorgeous images." 
Elizabeth - Quick & Crafty! Magazine

"Exactly what us journalists need, the first place I look for images. What a time saver!"
Rebecca – Your Family Magazine

"This will save everyone so much time. This is the website I have been waiting for." 
Boo Hill, Baby & Children's Stylist 

"Pic and Mix images is a clever idea and an excellent resource for busy journalists, which allows instant access to the latest images from a wide range of clients – some familiar, others not so well known. I'd be a bit lost without it!" 
Shirley – Parenting journalist 

"This is a great idea. Having access to all the companies in our market on one site really cuts down on research time!"
Charlotte  – Parenting journalist 




"I have been using Pic & Mix ever since it launched and it has definitely changed the way I work! It's so much easier for journalists to access suitable images and saves time emailing large files over or sending out CDs. I always recommend Pic Mix to any journalists I speak to and the awareness is certainly growing! Dani always keeps it looking fresh and up to date, making it worthwhile for journalists to keep re-visiting the site." 
Shoshana Kazab - MD Fuse Communications 

"I have found pic and mix to be an excellent resource. The ease of use and the functionality is simply unrivalled. Nothing beats getting a download alert showing your products have been downloaded by a top magazine."
Toks Aruoture - Owner 

"Putting Polarn O. Pyret's selected images and accompanying product information onto Pic and Mix could not be easier. Attention to detail when conveying product info, and consistency of presentation are important to us - and Dani hits the spot every time. The site is proving to be a very efficient tool enabling us to supply our selected images to new and existing contacts in the press." 
Jo Nilsson - Marketing Director 

"As a new company, trying to generate media interest when resources are a non-starter, Pic and Mix Images is a cost effective way to help promote our products to journalists. We also save precious time as images can be taken directly from the site. In addition, Dani has a personal approach and so you never feel like just a number."
Clare Lucas - Owner 

"Pic and Mix has made our media work at Cuddledry so much simpler - journalists are downloading images of our baby and toddler bath towels and creating features around them which is fantastic. In addition, when we have worked with a journalist on a piece of editorial about Cuddledry, we can refer them to the site for swift access to high res images, making their life easier. The more we can do this, the more editorial we secure, and the number of people hearing about Cuddledry increases - great for business!" 
Helen Wooldridge - Managing Director

"Pic and Mix has been a great source of business for us. Within a month of joining, we had numerous image downloads, all to be featured in top magazines. Pic and Mix is well worth the investment, as it helps build invaluable editorial contacts, obtain magazine features and thus generate more sales." 
Louisa – PR consultant

“Pic and Mix has been excellent for promoting our products in those all-important magazine features, a really good way of getting ‘in’ with editors and getting great coverage in the body of the magazine rather than in the classified ads. We have found it cost-effective in terms of generating sales and awareness of our websites." 
Sheryl Mills - Managing Director 

"As owner of a new kids range, with a limited budget, I’ve found picandmix to be a great way to both support my existing PR efforts and to increase my brand awareness with press that we’ve not yet worked with. The site is easy to use and saves both my time emailing out images to journalists, and the journalists’ time. The site allows the journalists to see more of my range by browsing through images without a host of emails back and forth! The email alert of a download is perfect – I know exactly who is featuring my brand, and when. It’s meant that a press cuttings service is not something I need right now, which is an extra cost saving for me." 
Jodie Hampshire - Owner

"picandmix is an invaluable pr and marketing tool for our brand. It puts our products straight into the picture editor`s virtual in-tray. We have been downloaded by high circulation publications and sales are increasing..." 
Sally Timms - MD 

"Pic & Mix has enabled our company to be featured in a variety of magazines that otherwise would not have heard about us. For a new company like ourselves that in itself is invaluable. It's a one stop shop for journalists that is quick and easy to use and gives us more time to concentrate on making more beautiful clothes knowing our PR is taken care of by Pic and Mix Images. A fantastic website that does exactly what is says on the tin!" 
Jessica Seaman - Company Director 

"We are a pretty specialised company with a very limited promo budget, so to be able to effectively spread the word of what we do to the press via the good folks of Pic & Mix is absolutely perfect for us. We've been with them for a little while now and we're getting some solid and positive interest as a direct result."
Leeza McLaren - Owner  

"Pic and Mix makes PR and Marketing easier and cheaper for small companies like us and helps increase our brand awareness. It is an excellent resource for journalists looking for relevant images and saves time for both us and them". 
Valerie - Owner 

"Matalan has been with Pic and Mix Images from the start and have found it a useful tool in helping generate extra childrenswear editorial." 
Fiona Cunningham - PR Manager 

"We are receiving lots of enquiries since having our images on picandmiximages, including many new publications we didn't previously have contact with, is a fresh way to contact journalists." 
Emma Vyvyan - PR Manager


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